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Sacramento Family Court News reports news and information obtained through our own independent reporting and research. Some of our exclusive news is generated from tips we receive from anonymous or confidential sources. We rely on our readers to let us know what is happening behind the scenes, or under the radar in Sacramento Family Court. If you have information to share, please contact us.

All communications containing relevant and accurate information, and requested by the provider to be confidential are held in strict confidence and are protected by the reporter's privilege and the California Shield Law. See Cal. Const. article I section 2(b) and Cal. Evidence Code section 1070 [pdf]

While Sacramento County Family Court News prefers to credit our sources, if you provide us with relevant and accurate information with a request that your identity not be disclosed, we will invoke California and Federal law to protect your identity. In using or publishing information provided by confidential or anonymous sources, Sacramento Family Court News observes the New York Times Confidential News Sources Policy

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