08 April 2011

Family Court Sacramento Family Law Facilitator Lollie A. Roberts Honored

Family Law Facilitator Lollie A. Roberts Receives Award of Merit from Legal Aid Association of California

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Lollie A. Roberts, Sacramento Superior Court Supervising Family Law Facilitator, with fellow 2011 LAAC Family Law Award winners.
Family Law & Family Law Facilitators: 
Lollie Roberts has received a California Family Law Award at the 2011 Legal Aid Association of California Family Law Conference. Issued in partnership with the Administrative Office of the Courts, the award is given for outstanding contributions in family law. Roberts is the Sacramento County Family Court Supervising Family Law Facilitator.

The Family Law Awards are presented annually by the LAAC to three family law advocates in recognition of their outstanding dedication and commitment to legal services for low-income Californians. Rounding out the recipients were Ana Maria Garcia of Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, and Pro Bono Attorney Peter Nestor of the firm Jones Day.

LAAC is a statewide membership organization of legal services nonprofits that provides advocacy, training and support to its members. Members provide legal assistance to low-income Californians and ensure equal access to justice.

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Hon. Robert C. Hight – Hon. Bunmi O. Awoniyi – Hon. Steven M. Gevercer – Hon. Tami R. Bogert – Hon. James M. Mize – CJP Victoria B. Henley – Hon. Thadd A. Blizzard -Sacramento County Family Court Family Law Facilitator - Supervising Family Law Facilitator Sacramento County Superior Court - Family Law Facilitator Sacramento - Lollie Roberts Supervising Family Law Facilitator