18 November 2012

Divorce Attorneys Sacramento and Family Law Lawyers Family Court Child Custody / Visitation Orders Cause Unhappy Holidays

Illegal "No Contact" Child Custody & Visitation Orders Cause Mental and Emotional Trauma, Especially During Holidays, say Protest Organizers

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Summer 2012 family court reform group protest. Among other issues, court reform advocates assert that "no contact" child custody orders issued by Sacramento Family Court judges are drafted intentionally to obstruct the oversight functions of the 3rd District Court of Appeal and California Supreme Court.
Child Custody/Visitation Issues: On Tuesday Nov. 20 two family court reform organizations will hold a rally across from the William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse. The groups seek to raise awareness of the mental and emotional trauma experienced during the holidays by parents who, due to family court child custody and visitation orders, have been denied contact with their own children. 

Court watchdogs have documented that family court judges routinely issue as punishment unlawful "no contact" orders which prohibit a parent from having any contact with their own children. The orders - issued without the legal grounds required by state law - effectively terminate all parental rights, and are intentionally worded so that any attempted appeal is futile, according to reform advocates. 
"Many parents throughout America get to spend a traditional day of feasting, socializing, fraternizing, watching football, etc., with their children, relatives and friends. Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone. Too many parents have been denied what many Americans get to enjoy every year, and take for granted - an opportunity to spend Thanksgiving Day with their children," said Robert Saunders of Fathers4Justice.
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Saunders and other court watchdogs have documented that the illegal no contact orders are disproportionately issued in cases where one parent is unrepresented and indigent or financially disadvantaged. The winning parent usually is represented by a Sacramento County Bar Association Family Law Section member attorney who also serves as a temporary judge in the same court, or works at a law firm with a family court judge pro tem. For the special SFCN judge pro tem page, click here

Unethical attorneys obtain the no contact orders for financially advantaged parents so the parent will not have to pay child support, to gain leverage and a litigation advantage over the unrepresented parent, and to churn legal fees, according to court watchdogs. Most of the orders have no basis in law, yet are virtually impossible to get rescinded by a parent with no lawyer and limited knowledge of complex family law procedure. A prominent, long-time critic of the Sacramento Family Court system, Saunders also is known for his successful 2010 disqualification of controversial Judge Matthew J. Gary, and his federal lawsuit against attorney and judge pro tem Elaine Van Beveren.

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for November 20, 2012

Contact: Robert Saunders, Fathers 4 Justice / 916-370-8251

"Not Everyone Gets To Enjoy A Happy Thanksgiving!"

A Call For Justice For Children And Families
[Sacramento, CA]—Fathers 4 Justice and Families 4 Justice will hold a rally to address the tyranny and abuse of the family law court system – and how it makes for a very unhappy holiday period for children and parents in many families.

The rally will be held across from the William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse, in Sacramento, CA on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 starting at 10:00 a.m.

Participants in the rally will include fathers, mothers, grandparents and more who will unite in the campaign to reform the family law system and continue to campaign for what is truly the best interest of our children.

"Many parents throughout America get to spend a traditional day of feasting, socializing, fraternizing, watching football, etc., with their children, relatives and friends. Unfortunately, this is not true for everyone. Too many parents have been denied what many Americans get to enjoy every year, and take for granted -an opportunity to spend Thanksgiving Day with their children," said Robert Saunders of Fathers4Justice.

"For many parents, Thanksgiving Day, and every day without their children, is a dreary and depressing day. The breakup and destruction of the American family by the so-called family court system is one of the most egregious issues in today’s world and causes long-term, and often permanent damage to our innocent children and their families.

Saunders said much of the blame should go to the court system.

"America’s family law courts have laid a path of misery and destruction, and are causing millions of our children undue suffering as a result of one parent (usually the father), being cut out of their children’s lives without lawful reason. Unsubstantiated allegations of family violence are the weapon-of-choice in most divorce strategies, and more than one million fraudulent restraining orders are filed, most of them in child custody battles.

“These fraudulent claims remove good fathers, and sometimes mothers, from their homes and away from their loving children. Hearsay and facts not in evidence are used and accepted as truth, even though they violate the court standard regarding the rules of evidence, and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty," Saunders said.


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