23 December 2012

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Bar Association Family Law Attorneys 

vs. The 70 Percent*

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Sacramento Bar Association Family Law Section vs. the 70 Percent
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Hon. Robert C. Hight – Hon. Bunmi O. Awoniyi – Hon. Steven M. Gevercer – Hon. Tami R. Bogert – Hon. James M. Mize – Vance Raye - CJP Victoria B. Henley – Hon. Thadd A. Blizzard -Chris Volkers Court Executive Officer – Hon. Laurie M. Earl Presiding Judge – Hon. Jaime R. Roman Supervising Family Law/Probate/ADA Judge – Hon. Matthew J. Gary – Hon. Sharon A. Lueras - Hon. Thadd A. Blizzard – Hon. James M. Mize – Hon. Peter J. McBrien – Hon. Kevin R. Culhane – Hon. Thomas M. Cecil - Scott P. Harmon Commissioner – Julie Setzer Director of Operations – Family Court Manager Colleen McDonagh – Supervising Courtroom Clerk Denise Richards – Judge Pro Tem – Office of Temporary Judge – Temporary JudgeHappy Holidays from Sacramento Family Court News

* 70 percent of family court litigants are unrepresented and most indigent or financially disadvantaged. Court watchdogs point out that family court policies and procedures are dictated by, and to advance the financial interests of the Sacramento County Bar Association Family Law Section lawyers who represent the 30 percent. The unrepresented and financially disadvantaged are excluded from "The Club" of family law attorneys and judges who ostensibly are obligated to serve the public interest.

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