22 February 2013

Paula Salinger Fraud on the Court: State Law Violations, Moral Turpitude Acts Documented In Court Filing

SCBA Family Law Executive Committee Officer Paula Salinger Moral Turpitude Acts Detailed In Leaked Court Memorandum

Supreme Court of California Justice Leondra R Kruger, Justice Mariano Florentino Cuellar, Justice Goodwin H Liu, Justice Carol A Corrigan, Justice Ming W Chin, Justice Kathryn M Werdegar, Justice Tani G Cantil Sakauye, Supreme Court of California, California State Bar Association, Office of Chief Trial Counsel, Judicial Council of California, Commission on Judicial Performance, California Supreme Court
Friday Document Dump

Serial court rule and state law violations by Woodruff, O'Hair, Posner and Salinger partner Paula Salinger are detailed in this memorandum filed in Sacramento Family Court, and embedded below.  

The misconduct constitutes moral turpitudeviolates Business & Professions Code § 6106, and provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct, according to the State Bar, and other legal references

Paula Salinger holds the office of temporary judge in Sacramento County Superior Court and is an officer of the Sacramento County Bar Association Family Law Executive Committee. This is the second document in a two document set. The first document includes additional information about the case. To view the first document, click here. For additional articles about the people and issues in this post, click the corresponding labels below the document.