17 February 2013

Andy Furillo Sacramento Bee Court Reporter - RoadDog Sunday Funnies

Sacramento Bee Reporter Andy Furillo and Beloved Anchor Ron Burgundy - Separated at Birth?  

Sunday Satire by RoadDog

Dateline February 15, 2013: 
"Furillo has a history of avoiding or whitewashing coverage of corrupt judges, court officials and lawyers in exchange for insider access and courthouse story leads. He writes over 200 stories a year, and you can't do that kind of volume without an army of sources," said family court watchdog Ulf Carlsson. "It's unethical but he gets away with it because his wife, Deb Anderluh, is one of his bosses at the Bee. Furillo was going to bury the Appelblatt story until the T.V. stations made it public and he had to write something, so he portrayed Appelblatt as just a rogue attorney, and covered up his status as a judge pro tem," Carlsson asserted. "Look at the [court whistleblower] Emily Gallup case. Furillo ignored the Gallup lawsuit - including the week-long trial and $313,000 verdict - which went on for more than a year in Sacramento County Superior Court. The government did not want that case in the news, and Furillo made sure it wasn't." The national family law website, familylawcourts.com also has called out the Bee and its reporters for protecting judges by refusing to identify them in its rare coverage of controversial cases. Click here and here

"I love this great nation of ours, that's why I don't question our leaders. Haaaay, they got where they're at for a reason." Beloved Anchor Ron Burgundy

Andy Furillo and Ron Burgundy - separated at birth? We report, you decide: