03 February 2014

Judge Thadd Blizzard Misconduct, Divorce Corp, Judge Pro Tem Corruption Top Monthly Reads On Sacramento Family Court News Top 10 List

Temporary Judge Controversy, Divorce Corp & Judge Thadd Blizzard Child Abduction Approval Most Read Posts for January

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Judge Thadd Blizzard

After just two weeks online, our exclusive investigative report about Judge Thadd Blizzard's rule of law breakdown authorizing an illegal, out-of-state child abduction quickly became the third most read article for January. The January 10 nationwide release of the documentary film Divorce Corp renewed interest in our early, exclusive coverage of the project from May 2013, giving the classic post the number two spot in the monthly rankings. A new post about the film, and the Divorce Corp search label page also made last month's Top 10 list. And the perennially popular Judge Pro Tems page held the top spot with nearly 500 views for the month.   

The Top 10 most viewed posts or pages at Sacramento Family Court News compiled by Google Analytics for January 2014 (click to view):
  1. Judge Pro Tems page: Sacramento Family Law Court Temporary Judge Program - Attorney "Cartel" Controls Court Operations, Charge Whistleblowers: 499 pageviews
  2. Divorce Attorneys and Family Law Industry Called Corrupt and Collusive in Groundbreaking Documentary Film To Include Sacramento Family Court Case post: 289 pageviews.
  3. Judge Thadd Blizzard Misconduct: Court Order Authorizes Unlawful Child Abduction for Judge Pro Tem Attorney Richard Sokol post: 223 pageviews.
  4. Judge Matthew Gary search label page: 174 pageviews.
  5. Sacramento Judge & Attorney Misconduct: New York Times Reviews Divorce Corp Documentary Featuring Four Sacramento Court Cases post: 172 pageviews
  6. Sacramento Superior Court Corruption: 2014 the Year of the Disgruntled Litigant - Holiday Edition RoadDog Satire post: 171 pageviews
  7. Divorce Corp search label page: 145 pageviews
  8. Judge Peter McBrien Commission on Judicial Performance Leaked Transcript of Judicial Misconduct Prosecution post: 138 pageviews
  9. Attorney Misconduct page - California Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Misconduct and Ethics: 137 pageviews.
  10. Family Law and Judge Misconduct: Hon. Matthew J. Gary Ordered Removed From Family Court Case by Fellow Judge for Misconduct, Bias & Abuse of Unrepresented Litigant post: 137 pageviews.
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