03 April 2014

Sacramento Superior Court Corruption: Divorce Corp Documentary Alleges Judge Peter McBrien - Attorney Charlotte Keeley Collusion

Dr. Drew Discusses Divorce Corp and Divorce Industry Problems with Ashleigh Banfield on CNN's Legal View

In this CNN, Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield broadcast, Dr. Drew Pinsky discusses Divorce Corp, a documentary that "exposes the corrupt and collusive industry of family law in the United States." The movie features analysis of family court cases and interviews with local family court litigants Ulf Carlsson, Andrew Karres, Robert Saunders and Mike Newdow, and portrays Sacramento Family Court as the most corrupt family law court in the country. The Carlsson case gets the most screen time in the film, and the analysis includes alleged collusion between controversial Sacramento Superior Court Judge Peter McBrien and judge pro tem divorce lawyer Charlotte Keeley. Keeley is a long-time member of the Sacramento County Bar Association Family Law Section and has been involved in several controversial cases involving child custody and financial disputes.  

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