20 May 2014

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Misconduct: Renewed Worldwide Interest in Judge Sharon Lueras Child Death Cases

International Interest in Ryder Salmen and Matthew Hernandez Deaths Remains Strong

In this KXTV Sacramento News10 broadcast about the Ryder Salmen and Matthew Hernandez deaths, reporter Gabriel Roxas credits Sacramento Family Court News for its exclusive coverage of a protest targeting Judge Sharon Lueras.

Recent readership data compiled by Sacramento Family Court News and Google Analytics indicates that worldwide interest in the Sacramento Family Court-related deaths of 8-month-old Ryder Salmen and 9-year-old Matthew Hernandez remains strong. In the past week, readers from cities in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Estonia, Nigeria and other countries have all viewed articles about the case posted at SFCN. The parents and families of the victims blame Judge Sharon Lueras for the deaths. 

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In both cases, the victims died at the hands of a parent after Lueras denied change of custody requests from the other parent or family. For our complete coverage of the Hernandez case, click here. The Hernandez case also has been covered by numerous news outlets including News10 and KCRA in Sacramento, the Huffington Post and the the U.K. Daily Mail.  For SFCN coverage of the Salmen case, click here. The Salmen case also has been reported by CBS News, New York Daily News, Nancy Grace at Headline News, the U.K. Daily Mail and Fox News

Family court reform advocates also attribute the deaths to systemic family court corruption, and collusion between judges and divorce lawyers who also serve as temporary judges in the same court. The recently released documentary film Divorce Corp designates Sacramento Family Law Court as the most corrupt in the United States. Family court watchdogs assert that the level of institutionalized corruption deprives the public of the federally protected right to honest government services, a federal crime.  

International SFCN Google Analytics data from a recent, single day appears below. The left column designates the URL of the SFCN page visited. The right column is the number of visits from different cities in the country. 

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