05 August 2014

Family Law Report from Divorce Corp Documentary Director Joe Sorge: Judges with Hidden Agendas

Judges with Hidden Agendas Revealed by Attorney in Interview with Divorce Corp Director Joe Sorge

Released nationwide earlier this year, the documentary film Divorce Corp designated the Sacramento Superior Court family law system as one of the most corrupt in the United States. The local family court cases of Andrew Karres, Mike Newdow, Robert Saunders and Ulf Carlsson all were featured in the movie. The film devoted a significant segment to a startling account of misconduct by Judge Peter McBrien in the Carlsson case. Even before the documentary release, McBrien's conduct in the case was characterized as a "judicial reign of terror" by 6th District Court of Appeal Presiding Judge Conrad Rushing.  

In this follow-up video series posted at the Divorce Corp YouTube Channel, director Joe Sorge interviews attorney Susan Settenbrino about judge misconduct. The four-part series covers family court cases where judges were caught pursuing a hidden agenda, judge retaliation against attorneys who attempt to disqualify corrupt judges, problems with judicial elections, and the lack of oversight of the Judicial Branch. This video is part one, covering judges with a hidden agenda.    

Sacramento Superior Court watchdogs and whistleblowers have long asserted that the local family court system operates as a Kids-for-Cash-style racketeering enterprise where children effectively are bought and sold for the financial gain of unethical lawyers. The criminal organization includes the active involvement of several family court judges, and the acquiescence of other Sacramento Superior Court judges who are aware of, but turn a blind eye to the corruption, according to court reform advocates.  

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