12 June 2015

Sacramento Superior Court Corruption: Criminal Case Against Judge Peter McBrien - Investigator Report from Sacramento District Attorney

Criminal Investigation Against Judge Peter McBrien: Whistleblower Leaked Report from Sacramento County District Attorney's Office

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In 2000, Judge Peter McBrien faced a felony
criminal charge for the destruction of
trees in a public park.
Friday Document Dump - SFCN Exclusive

The criminal investigation report of Judge Peter McBrien by Sacramento County District Attorney's Office Criminal Investigator Craig Tourte is embedded below. To view additional records from the 2000 prosecution and conviction of McBrien, click here. To read the Sacramento News and Review cover story about the case, click here

In 2009, McBrien was caught lying under oath to the Commission on Judicial Performance about the circumstances surrounding his 2000 criminal conviction. Court watchdogs allege that the judge also is responsible for a family court criminal racketeering enterprise involving collusion and kickbacks between judges and divorce attorneys who also work as part-time judges in the same court. Click here for our investigative report.   

McBrien retired from the bench in 2014, but was authorized to continue working as a family court commissioner by controversial Sacramento County Presiding Judge Robert Hight and troubled family court Supervising Judge James Mize. Hight testified as a character witness in support of McBrien at the judge's 2009 CJP prosecution. Mize also testified as a character witness for McBrien.