10 December 2015

Sacramento Superior Court Controversy: Institutionalized Socioeconomic Bias by Family Court Judges Alleged in Federal Class-Action Lawsuit with Sacramento Plaintiff

Systemic socioeconomic bias by family court judges who misuse state vexatious litigant law against financially disadvantaged parents in child custody disputes is alleged in a federal class-action lawsuit filed by attorney Archibald Cunningham. 

Cunningham's rebuttal argument in the case at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on December 8, 2015 is recorded in the video above. The case was heard by circuit judges Alex Kozinski, Jay Bybee and Morgan Christen. To view video of the complete oral argument at the Sacramento Family Court News YouTube Channel, click here. 

Sacramento Family Court litigant Andrew Karres - who without a court hearing was summarily declared a vexatious litigant by Judge Jaime Roman - is a plaintiff in the case. Related SFCN coverage includes: 
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