06 March 2016

Judges Thadd Blizzard and Matthew Gary, and Attorneys Who Aided Criminal Child Abductions Remain Unaccountable

United States Attorney Benjamin Wagner Sacramento Federal Prosecutor - Vance W Raye, Cole Blease, Ronald B Robie, William J Murray, George Nicholson, M Kathleen Butz, Elena J Duarte, Harry E Hull, Louis Mauro, Andrea Lynn Hoch, 3rd District Court of Appeal, Sacramento, Sacramento County, Third District Court,  Judge Thadd Blizzard Sacramento County Judge Matthew Gary, Judge Kevin Culhane, Judge James Mize Sacramento Superior Court - Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert Prosecutor
A child abduction that deprives a parent of a right to custody or visitation is a crime in California.

Watchdogs Charge Preferential Treatment Provided To Judge Pro Tem Divorce Attorneys

After more than two years, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Thadd Blizzard and judge pro tem divorce lawyer Richard Sokol have yet to be held accountable for their role in an out-of-state, criminal child abduction by Sokol's client, April Berger. Read our 2014 investigative report, which includes a court reporter transcript memorializing the allegations. 

After more than five years, Judge Matthew Gary and divorce attorney Timothy Zeff have not been held accountable for their role in the out-of-state, criminal child abduction of Megan Ferris. Zeff is the partner of judge pro tem attorney Scott Buchanan. Read our two reports: 

Government whistleblowers allege that the judge-authorized criminal abductions are additional evidence of racketeering by a "cartel" of judges and local family law attorneys who also work as part-time judges in the same court.