08 May 2016

Sacramento Superior Court Corruption Victims Take Advocacy to State Level at Commission on Judicial Performance

Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Kevin Culhane, Judge James Mize, Judge Peter McBrien, Judge Matthew Gary, Judge Thadd Blizzard, Judge Jaime Roman, Judge Robert Hight Sacramento Superior Court - 3rd District Court of Appeal Justice Vance Raye, Justice Cole Blease, Justice Ronald B. Robie, Justice William Murray Jr., Justice George Nicholson, Justice M. Kathleen Butz, Justice Elena J. Duarte, Justice Harry E. Hull Jr, Justice Louie Mauro, Justice Andrea Lynn Hoch, Justice Jonathan K. Renner Court of Appeal for the Third Appellate District Sacramento California

Sacramento County Superior Court whistleblowers this year have expanded their ranks, joined forces with similar groups in other counties, and taken their court reform campaign to the state level, according to Fatima Katumbusi, a group spokesperson. 
"Our local watchdogs have teamed up with the Center for Judicial Excellence, Court Reform LLC, the Commission on Judicial Performance Reform Project and other groups," Katumbusi explained. "We have testified at the State Assembly, raised awareness about court corruption at the Super Bowl, and engaged on social media. Mainstream media, including the Sacramento Bee, Daily Journal and San Francisco Chronicle have reported on several of our issues, and published opinion columns by people in our group," she added.
Yesterday, the San Francisco Chronicle published an op-ed criticizing secrecy at the state Commission on Judicial Performance, the government agency responsible for oversight and accountability of judges. The piece was authored by two court reform advocates, one of whom is a victim of alleged corruption in the family law division of Sacramento Superior Court.