14 June 2017

Lawyer and Sworn Temporary Judge Richard Sokol: Alleged Attorney Misconduct, Moral Turpitude Acts

From the description of the Scribd document embedded at the end of this post: 

Richard Sokol, Sokol & Bristow LLP, divorce attorney Sacramento lawyer complete transcript of court hearing where Sokol client gave false testimony attempting to get a domestic violence restraining order. Sokol's client made false claims in court filings and in court testimony.

As an officer of the court, Sokol had a duty to ensure his client did not make false claims in court filings or testify falsely. Judge Thomas Cecil denied Sokol's request for a domestic violence restraining order.
"I don't believe [Sokol client] Dr. Berger's testimony, quite frankly. There are many things about her testimony that I find difficult to accept." Judge Cecil said. "I don't believe her version of what happened."
J. Richard Sokol was a partner at the family law and divorce firm Sokol & Bristow LLP and a sworn temporary judge in Sacramento County Superior Court. According to Sokol's website: 
"While studying for the priesthood, he taught in two high schools as a priest, and served as Chaplain of Spanish speaking people in Napa and Lake Counties.
While he was attending McGeorge School of Law, he served as a Senate Fellow with the Californian State Senate, and as a Deputy Sheriff with Stanislaus County, and was the first paid legal assistant with the United States Attorney in Sacramento. Mr. Sokol was Deputy District Attorney in Sacramento from 1977 to 1993, and ran one of their Divisions and gained practical experience in Family Law as an attorney for the Department of Child Support Services.
After his time there ended in 1993, Mr. Sokol opened his private practice in Family Law. He has represented clients in Family Law issues thus far in 20 of the counties of California. He has served as President of the Sacramento County Mental Health Association, and of the California State Mental Health Association, and as President of the Board of Directors of the Legal Center for Elderly and Disabled, and been a member of the Council of the Sacramento County Bar Association.
Mr. Sokol has appeared on stage as the lead in a musical, raised a family and faithfully represented many hundreds of clients in all of the aspects of Family Law, which he continues to do as of this date. Mr. Sokol's preferred approach in Family Law is to resolve cases by way of agreements where possible and without unduly increasing costs to the clients but with appropriate results."
Sokol resigned from the State Bar on September 3, 2016.