24 February 2014

Sacramento Divorce and Family Law Firm Woodruff, O'Hair & Posner & Salinger Sued for $1 Million in Legal Malpractice Case

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Prominent family law firm Woodruff, O'Hair, Posner & Salinger is being sued for more than $1 million in damages for legal malpractice in connection with a family court case. Divorce attorneys Thomas Woodruff, Robert O'Hair, Jeffrey Posner and Paula Salinger are partners at the firm, and all hold the office of temporary judge in Sacramento County Superior Court.

Nationally recognized legal malpractice attorney Edward Freidberg last week filed a first amended complaint in a malpractice lawsuit alleging more than $1 million in damages against well known Sacramento family law firm Woodruff, O'Hair & Posner, Inc., and firm partner D. Thomas Woodruff. The full court filing is embedded at the end of this article.

The alleged malpractice occurred in 2001 and the firm is now known as Woodruff, O'Hair, Posner & Salinger. Partners Tom Woodruff, Bob O'Hair, Jeff Posner and Paula Salinger have been involved in a number of other controversies, including filing counterfeit court documents, attempting to obtain a final dissolution judgment while an appeal in the same case was pending, filing documents not in compliance with state law, and, according to family court watchdogs, collusion with family court judges.

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Woodruff, O'Hair, Posner and Salinger each hold the office of temporary judge in Sacramento County Superior Court. Family court whistleblowers charge that in exchange for running the court's settlement conference program, judge pro tem attorneys receive preferential treatment from full-time judges, and that the arrangement deprives the public of the federally protected right to honest services, a federal crime.

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