10 March 2014

Court Employee Misconduct: Family Court Whistleblower Emily Gallup Describes Family Court Employee Incompetence, Corruption in Divorce Corp Documentary

Divorce Corp Movie Features Interview with Family Court Whistleblower Emily Gallup and Sacramento Family Court Demonstration

In this excerpt from the documentary Divorce Corp, family court employee-turned- whistleblower Emily Gallup recounts her unsettling experience attempting to report misconduct by her Nevada County Family Court coworkers to the state Judicial Council Administrative Office of the Courts. Gallup concludes the interview by describing her realization as a court employee that the people she assumed were disgruntled litigants - angry that they had lost in court - were in fact not disgruntled litigants. Gallup ultimately concluded that their anger was justified because court users were subjected to misconduct and mistreatment by court employees, who were not, and could not be held accountable by anyone, including the state Judicial Council and AOC.
"I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that no one is holding them accountable for their actions. They've done a lot of damage to this community," Gallup said about her coworkers in the family court system. "At the time I thought 'well, yeah, half the people who've been through here don't like us because they didn't get what they wanted.' I realize now, no, that's not the problem. The problem is [court employees] were disrespecting people and they knew it." 
A protest demonstration at Sacramento Family Court is shown at the end of the clip. In 2012, a Sacramento County Superior Court jury awarded Gallup $313,206 in her lawsuit against Nevada County Superior Court and court employees for civil rights violations, whistleblower retaliation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other grounds. To view the jury special verdict form at the Sacramento Family Court News Scribd page, click here. The initial complaint filed in the lawsuit is below. For more information about Divorce Corp, including how to order the documentary on DVD or by download at the iTunes store, click here

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