24 July 2015

Judge Robert Hight Controversy: "Lifetime Porker, Lying Loser" Says National Court Watchdog Group

Sacramento Superior Court Presiding Judge Robert C. Hight Earns Recognition by Committee to Expose Dishonest and Incompetent Judges

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Judge Robert Hight has received an unfavorable
review by a national court watchdog group.

A national court watchdog group has published an unflattering report about Sacramento County Presiding Judge Robert Hight.  
"The state of California presented Robert Conner Hight with a law license in 1972. Since receiving his law license, Bobby has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough for the past 43 years (1972-2015).
Prior to ascending to the bench, Bobby worked at the Dept. of Fish and Game and the California Lands Commission. It's apparent that no self-respecting law firm in the Sacramento area was about to offer Bobby a good paying job," begins the profile. 
The Hight report was recently published by The Committee to Expose Dishonest and Incompetent Judges, Attorneys, and Public Officials, a national government whistleblower website with over 1.3 million visits. 

Height earned the distinction for his 2009 testimony during the Commission on Judicial Performance misconduct prosecution of Judge Peter McBrien. Hight testified for the McBrien defense team as a character witness. "What kind of Judge would voluntarily testify as to the good character of a convicted criminal?," the Committee report reads.      

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