03 April 2019

District Attorney Jeff Rosen Facing Recall Campaign in Santa Clara County: Unpunished Public Corruption in Family Court System Cited

Recall DA Jeff Rosen - Brian Welch #154586 Assistant District Attorney, Alison Filo #183894 Deputy District Attorney, Jay Boyarsky #154387 Chief Assistant District Attorney, David Angel #164656 Assistant District Attorney, Stacey Capps #187246 Assistant District Attorney
Jeffrey Rosen, District Attorney for Santa Clara County is facing a recall campaign for failing to prosecute white collar crime and public corruption in connection with family court corruption. 
From recallrosen.org:
A group of Santa Clara County taxpayers are exploring the feasibility of a campaign to recall Jeff Rosen, the district attorney for the county. The group alleges that Rosen has engaged in waste, fraud, abuse of authority, and violation of law, as those terms are defined in the California Government Code.
Among other issues, Rosen has failed or refused to prosecute public corruption and white collar crime, has failed to comply with crime victim laws, and has botched rape and domestic violence cases. Rosen’s office is rife with sexism, he protects his personal friends who work in the office from accountability, and he retaliates against whistleblowers.
Sacramento County family court watchdogs say they are considering a recall against district attorney Anne Marie Schubert for the same reasons. "Schubert has ignored white collar crimes by lawyers and public corruption crimes by judges for a long time," said court reform advocate Ulf Carlsson. "The Sacramento County district attorney effectively has given lawbreaking attorneys and judges immunity from prosecution. We need to seriously consider this recall option."

The Santa Clara County campaign has a website at recallrosen.org

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